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  • QWhat is a flexible cable?
    AFlexible cable is the preferred cable for power transmission materials and signal transmission carriers in the towline motion system. It is also known as: towline cable, tow cable, mobile cable, robot cable, etc.
  • QWhat the out looking different of the Control cable and instrumentation cable?
    AHello,The instrumentation cable core usual are pairing.Thanks.
  • QCan you produce 3.5 Core x 400MM2 PVC cable? What does the 3.5 Core mean?
    AYes, this is one of our most competitive products. 3.5 Core means 3 power core + 1 earth core. 3*400MM2+1*185MM2.
  • QWhat's the quality assurance you can provide and how do you control the quality?
    AHello,100% inspection on assembly lines. All controls, inspections, equipment, fixtures, total production resources and skills are inspected to confirm they consistently achieve the required quality levels.
  • QWhy use lead as cable sheath material ?
    AHello, The sheath made of lead has the following advantages: (1) good sealing; (2) low melting point; (3) good toughness, does not affect the cable can bend; (4) Corrosion resistance is better than normal metal.
  • QHow to print the ABC Cable in BS215 standard?
  • QWhich countries routinely use IEC cables?
    AHello,(IEC) member countries cover more than 97% of the world's population. The members are the national committees of the respective country, responsible for setting national standards and guidelines.
  • QCan you supply cable Termination Kits ?
    AYes ,we can supply.
  • QWhat is your packing?
    AHello,Our electrical cable is using electrical cable wheel for the packing, the wheel can be all steel wood, whole wood ,ect. We are using international standatd packing for different kinds ofcable, to ensure there will be no problem during the delivery.
  • QWhat's AWG size?
    AAWG or American Wire Gauge is the US standard measure for the diameter of electrical conductors.
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