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Copper core power control cable flexible H05VV-F 300/500V

Flexible power control cables for mobile lightweight suitable for installation in homes kitchens offices for connection of portable light as hair dryers washing machines refrigerators etc..

Copper core power control cable flexible H05VV-F 300/500V



Flexible power control cables for mobile lightweight, suitable for installation in homes, kitchens, offices, for connection of portable light as hair dryers, washing, machines, refrigerators etc.., Which may be used for cooking and heating appliances provided they are not in contact with hot parts, not suitable for external use, in industrial buildings or for non-domestic portable tools.

Operation Characteristic

1.Rated voltage: 300/500V.
2.Long-term permission working temperature of cable conductor is 70 ºC
3.The minimum allowable bending radius of cable is 6 times of outer diameter of thecable.


IEC 60227
EN 50525

Cable Structure

Conductor: Flexible stranded bare copper (Class 5)
Insulation: Flame retardant PVC
Jacket: Flame retardant PVC
Filler: Filler


Number of conductors nom. cross section areaStrands conductor maximum diameterAverage insulation thicknessAverage shealth thicknessMaximum external cable diameterCable nominal weightMax conductor resistance at 20° CMax current carrying at 30° C
in air mobile service
NO. x mm2mmmmmmmmkg / kmOhm / kmA
2 x 0.75  mm0,210,600,807,253,526,006,0
2 x 1 mm0,210,600,807,561,519,5010,0
2 x 1.50  mm0,260,700,808,682,513,5016,0
2 x 2.50  mm0,260,801,0010,61277,9820,0
2 x 4 mm0,310,801,1012,11744,9530,0
3 x 0.75 mm0,210,600,807,66326,006,0
3 x 1 mm0,210,600,808,07319,5010,0
3 x 1.50  mm0,260,700,909,410313,5016,0
3 x 2.50  mm0,260,801,1011,41597,9820,0
3 x 4 mm0,310,801,2013,12184,9530,0
4 x 0.75  mm0,210,600,808,37626,006,0
4 x 1 mm0,210,600,909,092,519,5010,0
4 x 1.50 mm0,260,701,0010,512913,5016,0
4 x 2.50  mm0,260,801,1012,51937,9820,0
4 x 4 mm0,310,801,2014,32694,9530,0
5 x 0.75  mm0,210,600,909,396,526,006,0
5 x 1 mm0,210,600,909,811219,5010,0
5 x 1.50  mm0,260,701,1011,6162,513,5016,0
5 x 2.50  mm0,260,801,2013,92437,9820,0
5 x 4 mm0,310,801,4016,13454,9530,0