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Be careful! Is your household wire expired!

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What? ? ? The wire will also expire? ? ?

Emmm... In the world where this wrap will expire, what else will not expire?

General household wires have an expiration risk of being used under normal conditions for more than 10 years. Our common household wire is pvc housing wire, 2.5mm2 wire, 4mm2 wire, 6mm2 wire, and aluminum xlpe concentric cable.


The wire is mainly protected by the outer layer of insulation. The insulation is made of plastic and rubber. After a long time, it is easy to corrode and age. On the one hand, the insulation will become hard, brittle or even fall off. On the other hand, the insulation performance is greatly reduced.


In fact, the life of the wire is uncertain, mainly depending on the quality, size, installation environment, and use environment of the wire. For example, the copper core wire is stronger than the aluminum core wire, is not easy to break, and has a longer natural life; the wire installed in the PVC pipe is also used longer than the bare wire. Therefore, if the quality is good and the environment is good, the wire can live longer.

On the other hand, if a lot of high-powered appliances are added to the home, the wires will be overloaded for a long time, and the aging will be accelerated, and the life of the wires will be greatly shortened.


Using outdated wires, the damage is really huge –Our other commonly used buried cables, such as low voltage cu xlpe cable, 36kv xlpe copper cable 300mm2, 400mm2 185mm2, 630mm2.


A) May catch fire

Since household wires are often installed inside the wall and under the floor, it is easy to become an invisible hidden danger. After the household wire expires, it is easy to catch fire due to aging and thinning of the insulation.

Especially in the case of wet weather, although the appearance of the wire is complete, the insulation has been reduced, and it is prone to short circuit and cause fire.


B) There is risk of electric shock

When the wires are aging, the insulation is damaged and exposed, and once the person touches the wires, there is a danger of electric shock.

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