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Advantages of copper core cable compared to aluminum core cable

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1. High strength: Allowable stress at room temperature, copper cable is 7~28% higher than aluminum cable. Especially the stress at high temperatures, the difference between the two is even more distant.

2. Low resistivity: The electrical resistivity of the aluminum core cable is about 1.68 times higher than that of the copper core cable.


3. Good ductility: the elongation rate of copper alloy is 20~40%, the elongation rate of copper for electricians is above 30%, and the aluminum alloy is only 18%.

4. Large current carrying capacity: Due to the low resistivity, the copper core cable of the same cross section is about 30% higher than the allowable current carrying capacity of the aluminum core cable (the maximum current that can be passed).

5, low energy consumption: due to the low resistivity of copper, compared to aluminum cables, the power loss of copper cables is low, which is obvious. This is conducive to improving power generation efficiency and protecting the environment.

6, good stability, corrosion resistance: copper core is anti-oxidation, corrosion resistance, and aluminum core is susceptible to oxidation and corrosion.

7. Convenient construction: 1 The copper core is flexible and the allowable bending radius is small, so the turning is convenient and the pipe is easy to wear;

8. Low voltage loss: Due to the low resistivity of the copper core cable, the same current flows through the same section. The copper core cable has a small voltage drop.

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