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What are the classifications of wire and cable?

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There are many types, and the types are more complicated. Wire and cable are often used for the transmission of conductive transmission equipment. The following wire and cable manufacturers will introduce you to the classification and types of wires and cables.


The first, bare wire refers to the product with only the conductor and no insulation layer. This includes the copper, aluminum and other metal and composite metal round single wire, various types of stranded wires, soft wires and profiles for the extruded power lines. And profiles.


Second, the winding wire, in the case of the winding, the magnetic field is cut in the magnetic field, and the electric current is generated, or the electric current is generated by the current, so it is also called the electromagnetic wire, including the enameled wire, the wrapped wire, and the inorganic with various characteristics. Insulated wire, etc.


Third, the power cable, the cable product used to transmit and distribute high-power electric energy in the backbone line of the power system, including various voltage grades and various insulated power cables of 1~330kV and above.


Fourth, communication cables and communication optical cables, which are cables for transmitting telegraph, television, radio, data and other electrical information; communication optical cables thus use optical fibers as optical transmission media for information transmission; radio frequency cables are used for radio communication and broadcasting. And cables for transmitting RF signals in the deployment of electronic setup equipment.



Fifth, the electric equipment wire and cable, from the power distribution point of the power system to directly transfer the electrical energy to the various power supply equipment deployment, appliances, power supply connection line wire and cable. These products have the widest range of uses and the widest variety, and most of them need to combine the characteristics of the equipment used and the conditions of utilization to determine the layout and performance of the product.

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