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Stranded conductor and copper wire braid shield control cable

Stranded Conductor, PVC insulation, Copper wire Braid Shield, PVC jacket, Screen Control Cable Manufacturer

Product Details

The products are suitable for the wiring of electrical controlling equipments and instrument,monitoring and controlling return circuit,electrical protection and measurement in power distribution unit under the circumstance that the rated voltage is up to 450/750V AC.
Shielded control cable can avoid electromagnetic interference inside and outside the circuit. It is suitable for indoor, cable trench, pipeline and other fixed occasions requiring shielding. It is more suitable for areas with large signal interference.
GB/T 9330、IEC60502
Insulation:PVC or XLPE
Shield:Copper Wire Braid
Using characteristic
Rated voltage: 450 / 750V
Cable Working Max temperature: PVC insulated 70 ℃, XLPE insulated 90 ℃
Short (the longest duration of no more than 5s) of the conductor temperature does not exceed 160 ℃.
Cabling ambient temperature should not be below 0 ℃, or need preheated.
Installation bending radius
A) non-armored cable layer shall be not less than 6 times the cable diameter;
B) with armor or copper screened cable, not less than 12 times the cable diameter;
C) with a shield layer flexible cable, not less than 6 times the cable diameter.



Nominal cross sectional area of conductor Approximate Overall Diameter Max DC resistance of conductor at 20℃ Min DC resistance of insulation at 70℃
No×mm2 mm Ω/km Ω/km
12×0.75 13.04 24.5 0.012
12×1.0 14.51 18.1 0.011
12×1.5 16.38 12.1 0.011
12×2.5 19.09 7.41 0.010
14×0.75 14.46 24.5 0.012
14×1.0 15.12 18.1 0.011
14×1.5 17.11 12.1 0.011
14×2.5 19.98 7.41 0.010
16×0.75 15.13 24.5 0.012
16×1.0 15.84 18.1 0.011
16×1.5 17.95 12.1 0.011
16×2.5 21.41 7.41 0.010
19×0.75 15.82 24.5 0.012
19×1.0 16.57 18.1 0.011
19×1.5 18.82 12.1 0.011
19×2.5 22.47 7.41 0.010


We can manage all of your low voltage cable Project requirements regardless of size or value. Throughout our 20 years of trading we have managed many projects.
Should you have any questions regarding your project please contact a member of our sales team who will be happy to help.
CJDL Cable Company is the supplier of bespoke cable and temporary power cable. We can supply tailor made power leads to your exact any cable size, in any length. We have the enough stock and range of low voltage cables including all sizes and core configurations 0.3mm2 up to 6mm2. Additionally we hold the full range of flexible control both braided and unbraided up to 6mm2. Any of these cables can be incorporated into customised leads.
Our range of electrical cables include power, fire performance, shielded,, control and general wiring cables. All of our cables are manufactured to china, European and International standards where applicable.
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